Each morning he 'tunes into' his Angels, Guides and Masters. One morning the team suggested that he create an Angel web site - OK, but will there be a domain name available? Well, now you know, it was the only Angel name left. This site is also a general information space to explore Angels, healing and more. It is what the Angels wanted ~ the truth. Please take the time to enjoy what is here. I do the site myself & there are no ‘cookies’.

He has a wonderful association and companionship with Angels for 66 years, since about age 5. He travelled the world for some years, through 8 countries, promoting Angels and a positive loving life at lectures, workshops or playshops and courses. He is a Healer, Facilitator, Teacher, Minister, Awareness Artist, author and Spiritual Explorer. Michael is a Serenity Vibration Healing® & Enlightenment Technique Level 3 Master Practitioner, and Level 2 Teacher and a Minister with Serenity Ministries®.

He is also a Usui Reiki Master Healer and Teacher. NEW: Level 3 Master Healing processes now available with Serenity Healing, including Sacred Radiance Healing with ArchAngels Michael and Metatron. These sophisticated advanced levels of Healing will help you to truly be and live the magnificent and amazing person you are.

Healing can happen in person or on the phone. You may Email us for Healing or Angel Profiles and Line clearing, now free in every healing or to chat about Angels. The Serenity Healing Training is a gift to yourself, your family and friends and to humanity.

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My favorite songs

  1. 1.‘When you Believe.’

  2. 2.‘I’ll find my way home’

  3. 3.‘Let it be’

  4. 4.‘Hair- Aquarius’

  5. 5.‘You raise me up’

  6. 6.‘True Colours’

  7. 7.‘The Call’

  8. 8.Ode to Joy’ - on YouTube.

  9. 9.‘My Heart Will Go On’

  10. 9.“Wonderful World’

  11. 10. ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’

  12. 11. ‘Amazing Grace’.

  13. 12. ‘I am what I am’.

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Disclaimer: Some things on this site are an expression of someone's ideas or beliefs. There is no intention to indoctrinate anyone. If this happens, please cancel or disregard the idea and decide what you want or choose to believe.

NOTE: Rev. Michael Bray, born in Australia is not associated in any way whatsoever with another Rev. Michael Bray in the USA - this is a very different person with very different beliefs and ideas. The similarity is in name only.

I have used Trademarks like YouTube®, EBay®, PayPal® and Amazon® and I appreciate these businesses allowing that use, and I hope it helps them promote my books.

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