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Hi Michael,

I LOVED your Fairy book...I stayed up late and read the whole thing at once!!

I sooooo relate, we have many similarities! My Irish Cherokee Grandpa

shared with me when very young about the 'Wee people' Leprechauns etc.

I love and adore Mother Earth's nature & Gaia's light & love...

Thanks for sharing your lovely book and your experiences with

Tilee and your excerpt of Angel book, and the links!

Love, Gratitude & Radiance,    L ~ USA

               * * * * * * * * *

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About: This book is designed to inspire your greatness and is a light-hearted look at who you are, innately.

Expand, grow, live and be Amazing and Magnificent.


Physical stories, explanations and insights about Angels or Spiritual Guides, Helpers, Guardian Angels or Spirit and the Universe.

Bringing the feeling and understanding of Angels down to Earth, in a practical and inspiring manner. A wonderful way to live life with Guidance

Many people have shared how they were inspired by this book.

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Information about ‘Angels are Real’ by Michael Francis Bray:

an autobiography with Angels: ISBN 0 646 23896 5 (1995) / ISBN 978-0-9924929-0-8,

‘Angels are Real 2’ out now: continuing the Angelic adventure

(New 2017 updated ebook cover)


Quotes from "Angels are Real":

* Letting go is living luxuriously.

* We are never alone, our Angels, Guides or Helpers - are always there, with us, and we also have the backing of the whole universe.

* To trust your feelings - is to trust yourself, your Angels and the whole universe; With freedom to live simply and luxuriously, while sharing your love with all.

* I started doing things I had never done before, or dreamed I could do.

* Angels have a message of hope and love with respect.

* Whatever I can do - anyone can do. Nothing is impossible - it all starts from within.

* There is an abundance of healing in nature.

* Angels are very patient.

* Angels are everywhere.

* Thank goodness we are all in training to be Angels.


Some of the Contents:


+ What and who are Angels!

+ Experience love from Angels

+ Know your Angels as friends

+ An autobiography with Angels

+ Angels in the environment and with animals

+ The author's past lives and how to interpret feelings

+ A positive learning book with many Angel experiences

+ Regroup how you can do it too

+ Songs and films about Angels

+ We are all Angels in training



Quotes from letters sent in by the readers of: 'Angels are Real'


- 'What a great book 10 out of 10' ...Dale, Southport Qld. Australia

- 'I was so inspired and excited to read such amazing stories, that I had to write to you and let you know just how important this book is to people. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting nowhere with my soul searching and then I come across something that inspires me to keep going, because there is so much more out there to experience and learn, and it's wonderful to receive a little guidance along the way....I very much appreciate this, immensely. Thank you so much. ...Linda, Waverley NSW Australia

- ' thank you very much for writing this book.'...Jennifer, W. Sussex, UK

- 'It is absolutely wonderful!...You have inspired me to feel more confident about sharing of myself thru writing (which I love)- you have shown me just to do it!' ...Gillian, Elizabeth Bay NSW Australia

- I especially loved your Angel book...(it) gave me such a warm feeling.' ...Johan, Groningen, the Netherlands

- 'I have just finished your book and found it to be most enjoyable, enlightening & comforting.'...Sharyn, Mulbring NSW Australia

- 'I enjoy a lot and I agree with you'...Marisol, Santiago, Chile

- 'Thanks for being a wonderful catalyst for continuing growth in my life'...Robert, Richmond VA, USA.

- 'I loved your book-Congratulations and thank you for writing it.' ...The late Annette Noontil, Qld. of : 'The body is the barometer of the Soul, so be your own doctor II'

- '...your inspiration to write this has made a wonderful difference.' ...Penny, Wollombi NSW Australia.

- 'Michael - Congratulations and thank you.' ...Caroline Jones, ABC Radio National

- 'Also thanks for the love and healing that came with it.'...Yvonne, Oberon NSW Australia

- 'I find your enthusiasm for life inspirational.' ...Ian, Adelaide SA Australia

- 'I found the book inspiring and uplifting and felt a connection with most things. In reading chapter 21, it was like I may find my answer with your help.' ...Jennifer, Raymond Terrace NSW.

- 'Thank you once again for your most enjoyable talk to out group. Your talk was great.' ...Les, Gosford Theosophical Group. (Group & community talks are available)

‘Angels are Real 2’ - the stories continue - info above /\

If you need HELP in life - we have Free Help

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This wonderful little book contains a collection of positive words for every letter of the alphabet, with spiritual wisdom and suggestions to complement each word.

You can use this book for daily help, inspiration or guidance.

If you are having an ‘interesting’ day or time, the convenient size allows you to take this book along in the car or briefcase / purse.

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"You", well, your book I should say :-), "Angel and Fairy Alphabet",  is at hands reach at home, and I regularly open it and pluck some sentences for the day...   C,  Belgium.

“it is so positive ~ the one word that comes to my mind is: Hope”... W,  France.

“That Angel and Fairy Alphabet.  It keeps jumping out of my bookshelf when I least expect it.”

... P, Australia.

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‘Playing with Angels’:

Get it now ~ as a book,

in colour

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The first book discussing the adventures of a new soul arriving on planet Earth.

Did you ever want to know what a child is feeling, seeing and or thinking?

This book will open your eyes to the inner wisdom that lives in the hearts and minds of children of all ages. This viewpoint can help you and a child explore childhood from a spiritual perspective that is free of judgment. It could even clarify areas that are unusual, mysterious or unclear.

I invite you to come on this journey and to play with your Ancient Angelic friends, Guides and Masters who are always with you. You will be amazed and inspired to remember your magnificence and uniqueness.

You may discover why you chose to be born now, in these exciting and transformational times; to share Light and live an authentic life.

This playbook is for people of all ages, so let the child in you awaken and have fun.

NOW: available as a PDF file or Journal in Colour ~ click here ~ for US$14.38 + postage

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