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With Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment (SVH) your Practitioner works with your Angels, Guides and your God-Self, a combination of you as a Soul and your Higher Self. This is the part of you that recognises a viewpoint from beyond everything, which knows your plan for all lifetimes and beyond. This allows healing of all your aspects in all parallel lifetimes, in unity.

SVH was founded by Jill Marie who acknowledges and thanks the Creator for all the healing tools and inspiration. Serenity respects all belief systems, religions, practices and modalities. The healing then comes from the Creator, or whoever you believe it to be. SVH is the premiere enlightenment tool of this century.

The foundation for this modality is Quantum Level Reprogramming, which is a reformatting tool that empowers the Creator to energetically release barriers and blocks that have seeded or built upon limiting beliefs and perceptions that are anchored in your experiences in this lifetime. These tools will also reformat genetic predisposition's that have been activated into your reality and will release limiting alliances that have been anchored into your life through karma, curses, wedges and other suppression profiles.

Quantum Level Reprogramming is a tool that can and will silence random inner-dialogue, freeing the quieted mind to form it's creations in a focused clarity that will support rapid and even instant manifestation.

“This modality is about sovereignty, autonomy and the freedom to elevate your vibration and light quotient, free of the attraction of limiting experiences that have the potential to block your smooth, graceful, expedient evolution to higher consciousness.” ... from Jill Marie, founder of SVH 

It is recommended you experience these clearing healings, releases and shields in the first healing session: about 1/2 hour or 1 hour, whatever you choose:

We look at areas that no longer support your evolution to higher consciousness: Blocks, karma, energy cords, curses, contracts, covenants, vows, toxic emotions, different or multiple personalities, trauma, violation, harm, wedges, hostility, and all forms of brokenness affecting you this lifetime, and possibly from parallel lifetimes, that you choose to experience in present time.

Shielding regains sovereignty over your body and spaces and helps you in harmful situations, plus EMF, parasites, organisms, seeds, harm, ritual's, thought, vehicle and much more.

Experience Clearing, healing and physical support, shielding and release for your emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your life, for this lifetime and past lifetimes.

* Receive a complimentary "tool kit" to manage your life. You may also experience Angelic Rebirthing or a Sacred Radiance Healing or Healing meditation.

* It is important that you make a list of the areas you wish to heal, resolve and clear prior to your healing. Email us

* In the first session, you may also explore and heal the following additional areas:

Heal birth trauma, genetic predisposition, foreign DNA, and the following physical areas: brain, nervous system, vision, jet lag, auditory, reproduction, bladder, digestion, sleep, headache, hydration, metals, dental and auric fields. Receive Sacred Healing Radiance with A/Angels Michael and Metatron and a new process: ‘Neutral Paths’ and more.

* Beyond this first session, if you choose, you can explore and heal many areas in a 1/2 or 1 hour session.

Future healing can help with Crystalline body; new chakras/aura, focus of purpose, grounding, wisdom with a higher vibration; Elixer of light; Auric field blessings and much more. Receive additional Sacred Radiance Healing and Level 3 Mastery processes and spiritual ‘Temple’ healing.

Experience lineage clearing, a beautiful way to let go and feel your own freedom, without attachment. Clear your full soul and genetic lines, plus the full soul linage of the genetic lines - from all lives and parallel lifetimes - this healing is now included in all healing for free.

Energy exchange for SVH Healing: €50.00 (about Au$70.) for 1/2 hour or €80.00 (about Au$120.) for 1 hour. Animal healing also available for €35.55 (about Au$50.)  ~ Email Michael for payment info

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Books NOW available on ebooks and on most Amazon sites.

Angels Whispers: Whispering

*** Fairy Golden Healing *** it takes only 7.27 minutes *** On YouTube ***

For Healing, CD’s or Training ~ Please contact Michael by email: HERE

Michael is now a SVH Level 2 Trainer: You can learn SVH Level 1, Level 1 Master, Animal Healing and Level 2 by phone (Skype®) anywhere on the planet - email

If you need HELP in life - we have Free Help / Imphara Healing

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Angels have always been associated with energy healing on earth - for people, animals and the whole planet.

SVH is a gentle healing with a profound outcome for the rest of your life.

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