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Course Training Times ~ (Limited to certain areas of Europe)

In person - by arrangement

By Skype:  always vary, whatever is best for you and your personal timing.

Instructor: Michael / Location: mostly world-wide via Skype: mbray8

Special price: €800. (about Au$1200.00) each L1 course. Contact: Michael:  Email

I take debit / credit card payment via PayPal (no extra fee). 

Welcome to The Serenity Vibration Healing® & Enlightenment Technique: 

Level 1 Practitioner Training:

‘This course of study is so easy to understand and the steps are so simple to use that students are able to efficiently master the Serenity Vibration Healing Tools in only a few hours. It gives you the tools that you can use to put you in the driver's seat of your life and really help humanity, animals and earth. I use these tools daily in my life’ .... Michael

The foundational tools taught in this course can be used to release barriers and blocks to reaching personal goals, attracting honouring relationships, acquiring wealth, support physical healing and eliminate non-serving habits.

This modality can be implemented to create new patterns of safety, heal broken relationships, and to quiet mind chatter and cease repeated actions that no longer benefit you.

The Serenity Tools work outside of the space time continuum to sweep through your life to situations  that laid foundations of limitation that are currently impeding your personal expansion and freedom from drama, trauma and inequity.

You will learn how to sweep through your life to each time negative or limiting experiences laid foundations of imbalance that may still affect you today. In each of those moments, the Serenity Tools can be used to extinguish the fires that have continued to smoulder and periodically flair up to hinder your confidence, safety and prosperity.

Components of this level of proficiency include a wide range of auto-profiled Clearing, Shielding, Enlightenment and Physical Support Processes. The cornerstone of SVH is Quantum Level Reprogramming (QLR); a wonderful reformatting tool that re-scripts limiting genetic and current life imprints, perceptions and beliefs that can block you from creating your ideal reality, with ease & grace.

At the beginning of this course, you receive a manual that has all the information in it for you to commence your healing work. After completing this course you can be certified to be a SVH Level 1 Practitioner and use these tools in your life, your practice or your healing modality for you, your family and all humanity.

visit the SVH world-site: to learn more! or email Michael

* * * * * * * *

Level 1 SVH Practitioner Master Course (L1M), the 2nd course:  

Class Times usually: vary depending on your schedule.

Special price: €800. (about Au$1200.) each L1 course. Contact: email Michael

* Training in 'Perfecting the Tools' to become a Level 1 Master Practitioner:

Receive a comprehensive 'how to' manual, with additional processes, learning materials and Level 1 Master Practitioner Certification.

* Personal training starting when you are ready for it - Special price: €800. (about Au$1200.) (It can also happen over as many days as you like - telephone training is very easy and comfortable.

* Training over the telephone includes 9-12 hours of personal tuition. Schedules are tailored to suite your lifestyle, personal commitments and your learning pace.

Level 1 Mastery (L1M) Practitioner Course - 

Mastering the Mind - is the key to everything. Each choice that we make is honoured. Everything we create has our individual finger print/imprint. If we learn to stop limiting thoughts, our creations will be pristine. Serenity, roles back to reformat past choices/agreements etc., and rewrites them so that there is no energy supporting their creation.(Thoughts have creation energy - we create what we think!)

The principal of Creation formation - Positive thoughts and words are the foundation for positive creation manifestation. Negative thoughts and words are the foundation for negative creation manifestation and come from the ego, just describing.

Clarity and conscious choice to create resides within a quiet mind - a mind free of random-inner-dialogue or ego.

When we stop the ego program file, or it goes dormant, we will master the mind. We are working towards instant manifestation. To do this we can disable ego formatting by utilising Quantum Level Programming (QLR) in the Serenity Vibration Healing & Enlightenment Technique.

NEW: Sacred Radiance Healing as part of this course.

This is a whole new way of working with SVH. Sacred Radiance Healing (SRH) works with A/Angels Michael & Metatron and is a very radical yet simple way to heal people, animals and yourself.

A lot more will be explained during the course and you will be amazed what you can do with this wonderful hands-on or hands-close by healing.

You also start to use SVH "Trigger" words, as a QLR way to use healing. Using these specific words to heal, clear, and create what you want in your life or the lives of your clients, family or friends is very powerful, yet so simple.

This course is designed to gracefully coach each student to develop their proficiency and become fluid in their use of the Serenity Tools. You will learn advanced techniques to increase the speed, depth and maximum effectiveness of all clearing, through multiple placement of the re-scripting tools, along with many time saving procedures and enhanced wording.

This course is designed to anchor the Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique (SVH) within each student, through repeated use and guided execution of the sequences of clearing. Use of the Serenity Tools will become second nature to you in this class, assisting to build upon your current foundation to enhance your proficiency. This course will aid you to expand on your current practice, whatever you are doing.

Attending this course will bring you towards a greater understanding of the concepts, mechanics and uses of the Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment, preparing you for the Level 2 class, if you choose. 

* * * * * * *

Level 1 Mastery Practitioner Course (L1M) - Animal Healing - a new additional course

Level 1 Master Animal Healing fee: €560. (about Au$845.) - Prerequisite: SVH Level 1

This course of study is dedicated to the healing and support of the animal kingdom, winged ones and the marine creatures of our world.

Saint Frances of Assisi, Archangel Michael and Gaia are the co-guardians of this course. They act as intermediaries working with the higher consciousness and soul of All God's Creatures we assist with these SVH Animal Healing Tools, shepherding all phases and applications of this work for Our Blessed Creator to implement.

Learn how to work with healer animals, helping them to utilize their innate abilities without taking on the burdens and illnesses of those they heal.

In this course of study you will learn how to assist the dolphins and the whales and other marine life, in addition to birds, horses, cats, dogs, farm animals and all of God's Creatures, large or very small.

We address abandonment, physical and emotional trauma and abuse, as well as harm, cruelty and emotional distress.

These transformational tools will assist you to become a proficient caregiver to the winged ones, the crawlers and walkers and swimmers of our world.

Receive a manual with unique healing for all God's creatures. Fee €560. (about Au$845-00.) 

* * * * * * * *

SVH Level 2 -  available for €800. (about Au$1200.00)

A continually evolving course that gifts you with so much, so that you and humanity benefit in so many ways, from a spiritual point of view.

Prerequisite: SVH Level 1 Mastery

This course of study assists you to expand your consciousness through the implementation of profound Exclusive SVH Level 2 Processes and interactive guided visualization exercises. These exclusive profiles restore your birthright and support your graceful expansion to master awareness.

You receive transformational SVH Brain Expansion and Enlightenment Processes in addition to advanced Clearing and Shielding mechanisms that close the door on unwanted adversarial interactions.

The Level 2 Serenity Tools were developed to enhance your innate ability to consciously create your desires.

These tools will enhance your ability to instantly manifest in clarity through the deactivation of the ego program file. You will develop your ability to consciously participate in multiple realities, while acutely moving throughout your day and gain a greater perception and conscious awareness of your vast participation within the Plan of the Creator. (Includes a guided visualization multiple realities practice CD to help you master this awareness technique.)

This course lays the foundations for mastery and ascension and propels its students to new levels of conscious awareness that foster greater levels of focus, clarity and sovereignty.

Transformational Journeys

  1. Journey to your birth and implement transformational healing with your birth mother.

  2. Travel back to the birth of Jesus and implement sacred healing radiance with Mary.

  3. Receive the staff of Moses on Mount Nebo and watch him lead his people into the Land of Milk and Honey.

  4. Go with Archangel Michael to the Hall of Records and update the pathways of your destiny. 

  5. Travel back to the days of King Arthur and look into Merlin’s crystal ball to see the future.

Please contact or email Michael for more info. All information is © copyright 2018 Michael Francis Bray

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