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Angels may also be called Spiritual Guides, Wisdom Guides, Helpers, Guides, Protectors, Guardian Angels, Spirit, Wisdom Beings or Ancient Companions; please use whatever name is comfortable for you. There are also Masters, Healers, Archangels and beyond .....  the Creator

Bringing the idea of Angels or Guides down to earth, in a practical and simple manner.

We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love, and then we return home.”   Australian Aboriginal proverb. 

We acknowledge, respect and embrace the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia as the traditional custodians and cultural knowledge holders of this land. Visit RECOGNISE

A self-healing process from SVH:


To activate this process, close your eyes and imagine a big movie screen floating before you. On that screen is the new SVH Trigger Process: Imphara.


Silently ask the Creator if it is in Divine Alignment for the Creator to activate this trigger for your use. Now tune in for the answer. When you hear, sense or perceive an affirmative response from the Creator, zing out your authorization with a resounding ‘YES’. Your trigger is then activated for your personal use.


How do I use this trigger to activate angelic healing!?


Here are some easy guidelines you can follow when using your new SVH Trigger Process.


  1. Think the trigger word: Imphara to activate the parameters of your angelic healing chamber session and Creator’s reformatting sequences.

  2. Mentally define the areas of healing you desire.

  3. Go about your life. (You never experience loss of energy or clarity during an angelic healing procedure. For those eleven hours you feel nurtured and satiated in unconditional love.)

  4. Be in gratitude for the levels of healing you receive. (Try not to scrutinize the healing. Expect miracles and watch for the big and small ones; grateful for all. Know that the Creator is reformatting unbalanced energies that fueled and supported the maladies as the angels sweetly focus healing energy.) Your healing will manifest as it does.




Examples of Trigger Use: Think the trigger word Imphara, followed by your directives.


  1. “Imphara… for my swollen ankles.”

  2. “Imphara… for my grief and depression.”

  3. “Imphara… for my headache.”

  4. “Imphara… to heal me throughout my surgery and for the next nine days.”

  5. “Imphara… to heal my hip.”

  6. “Imphara… to balance and harmonize my body.”

  7. “Imphara… starting last night when I went to bed, for my sore muscles.”

  8. “Imphara… every night when I go to bed for the next week to heal my ulcer.”

  9. “Imphara… every night this week starting last Thursday to heal my _________.”

    *       “Imphara… for my ______rolling back to when it started and every nano-second until it is healed,  Thank you Angels.

FYI: Angelic healing and supportive interventions are not a new concept; angels are always watching over us ………..and always lighting up pathways to help us create a more harmonious life.


Years ago we discovered the sacred energy space of Imphara that angels use to support miracle healings. Over the years SVH practitioners have facilitated hundreds of thousands of these healing steps with the help of Archangel Michael, the Creator and the angels of Imphara.


Only a fragment of your ethereal body is used in this healing procedure, but it is enough to fuel miracles.


Anything that interfaces with the ethereal body directly affects the physical body immediately and continues to influence the systems for up to three days. This eleven hour healing chamber session continues to immerse your physical body with healing energies for three days, so relax and enjoy the angel’s miracle healing energies.

Many blessings of light,


Jill Marie




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